Teleties No Rip Hair Ties

Teleties No Rip Hair Ties

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Hold your hair and enhance your style with TELETIES. The strong grip, no rip hair tie that doubles as a bracelet. Strong, pretty and stylish, TELETIES are designed to withstand everyday demands while taking your look to the next level.

TELETIES have many excellent features. They hold strong, hurt less and look great in your hair and on your wrists. They come in stylish colors and a variety of patterns.
TELETIES are fashionable, functional and fun. In addition to all of that, we make a charitable donation with every purchase.
TELETIES do less harm to your hair and more good in the world.

TELETIES are water resistant, so you can get them wet without worry. And since they won’t retain water, you’ll never have to deal with a drippy hair tie again.

TELETIES have a unique spiral design made of firm, yet flexible material. This creates a strong-grip that locks hair in place with less slipping than traditional ties.

Fashion Statement: Whether in your hair or on your wrist, TELETIES always look stylish. With the variety of colors and styles available, they are the perfect accessory for any outfit or occasion.

Less Headaches: TELETIES hold hair firmly in place with less pulling and tightening. Their firm yet flexible form provides greater hair support, reducing head and scalp tension.

Reduces Damage: TELETIES spiral form and smooth surface mean less direct contact with your hair for an easier, smoother removal.

Decreases Creases: With their unique spiral design, TELETIES leave less of a crease compared to traditional ties.